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What is the Power Flushing Process?

January 15, 2018

What is the Power Flushing Process?

Contaminants can affect the heating system’s efficiency, and in some cases, a power flush is the sole choice available. Over time, the water in the pipes, boiler & radiators deposits unwanted byproducts such as rust. This rust is unpleasant, mud-like substance which professionals call sludge.

Sludge in the heating system cause corrosion and blockages that will result to breakdown or inefficiency. In some cases, it is damaging that a comprehensive replacement is the right solution. When you do regular repair and maintenance, your system needs power flushing every five to six years. It clears debris and it prevents significant blockages.

On the other hand, it differs on the system. For instance, some boilers use heat exchangers made of copper. These exchangers are the best alternative for the ones made of stainless steel that corrode instantly. When planning to replace the boiler, the engineer should do power flushing prior to installing a new boiler. If not, your new boiler will accumulate harmful debris and sludge that are hanging all over the old pipes.

When Do You Need a Power Flush?

There are some signs to watch out and these suggest that something’s wrong in your heating system. These signs are the following:

  • Cold regions on the radiators like at the bottom

  • Too much loud noise produced by the boiler or system’s pump

  • Discoloured water if the radiators bleed

  • Heating takes time to warm up

  • Gloomy tap water

  • Some radiators out there are trying hard to warm up

  • Radiators are cold but the pipes stay hot

  • The boiler shuts off and requires restarting

  • No water escapes if you bleed the radiators

  • Noisy boiler or radiators

  • Tiny leaks in the radiators

Call a professional engineer right away when any of those issues sound common to you. A power flush is the greatest answer for getting your heating system back on the right track. Sad to say, the process is not always simple. If it is the case, consult at least three professionals. This is to make sure that you will get the right solution at the greatest price. Boiler can give you up to three quotes from the registered and trusted professionals in the area.

The Advantages of a Power Flush

It is not all gloom and doom. There are many positive reasons for getting a power flush. These are the following:

  1. Get your radiators fixed and bring back their best performance. The radiators would heat up faster with power flushing.

  2. The radiators become hotter and better than before.

  3. The noise produced by the boiler or radiators are eliminated.

  4. Your heating system will be more energy-efficient. Thus, you get big reductions to your monthly energy bills.

  5. Higher warm temperature of the water.

  6. More dependable and reduced chances of breakdown.

  7. Increased and extended lifespan of your central heating system.

A power flush is an effective solution for any issue you may have with your central heating system. In times of trouble, entrust your system to experienced professionals. This way, you’re certain that your system is in good hands. You will also get the best value for your money.