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What is A Power Flush Pump and Why Should You Use It?

February 2, 2018

What is A Power Flush Pump and Why Should You Use It?

Your central heating system plays a crucial role in your everyday life. It is responsible for making your home warm and comfy especially during winter. As it plays a very crucial role, you must make sure that it gets care and maintenance on a regular basis.

Power flushing is a very efficient solution for different problems like clogged radiators and so on. This process requires the use of a power flush pump, a machine that works together with a Magnetite machine. Power flushing is a great way of maintaining the best condition of your central heating system. The benefits will surely make you see the importance of power flushing your unit when you know you need to do so.

There are only some instances wherein a power flush pump should be used. To know when power flushing is needed, you must keep an eye and watch out for the following signs:

Signs that You Need to Use a Power Flush Pump

  1. Radiators do not heat up efficiently

  2. The radiators are taking more time to reheat

  3. The boiler pump or the boiler itself is producing some noise while working

  4. The heat exchangers are blocked, triggering the warm water to oscillate

  5. The boiler overheats and it locks out most of the time

  6. If you need to vent the radiators most of the time

  7. Problems and malfunctions involving the zone valves, pumps, heat exchangers and diverter valves

Replacing the damaged components is expensive and it might not resolve the underlying issues that your central heating system might have. Corrosion must be addressed as soon as possible through good power flushing. It is to be followed by security to your system through adding the right dosage of the inhibitors.

By Using a Power Flushing Pump, Your Heating System Will Benefit You in Numerous Ways:

  1. Increased energy efficiency and reduced energy bills

  2. Prevented blockages in the radiators and pipes

  3. Eliminates the cold spots in the radiators

  4. It will be helpful in dealing with the boiler noise

Having scale, sludge and debris inside your central heating system will make its boiler struggle to work. It may also increase the cost of your monthly electric bills. It can also increase the chances of boiler breakdown or leaks. Power flushing will improve the performance of your system through eliminating sludge, scale and debris.

Power flushing includes cleaning completely the system. The power flush pump will be attached to your heating system, especially to the pump’s head. Each part of the heating system will be flushed and cleaned. After a power flush, it’s best to leave the chemical inhibitor to circulate inside the system’s component to prevent further formation of scale and sludge. It could be matched with the magnetic filter installation.

This process will take hours, depending on the unit and the materials used in making it. You should be familiar with your unit or the best alternative is to seek help from a reliable service provider.