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What Happens When You Don’t Flush Your Central Heating System?

February 1, 2018

What Happens When You Don’t Flush Your Central Heating System?

Debris and sludge, when left in the heating system, would accumulate inside your boiler and in your radiators. These substances will reduce dramatically their efficiency. The problem will result in your system’s loss of the efficiency or even premature failure. If your heating system is already working for five years or more, it may need power flushing to get rid of any problem or damage to your unit.

What Happens When You Don’t Power Flush Your Heating System?

If your central heating system now shows signs like cold spots on the radiators and you choose not to power flush it, the problem will get worse as time passes by. In the long run, the circulation all over the pipes, as well as the radiators, would slow until the heating system is no longer able to keep your home and the water hot. It means the boiler would work harder without any good result. The result of it is energy wastage and eventually, a big increase in your monthly electrical bills.

Your boiler may incur severe damage that it would be deemed wasteful to repair. It may eventually require replacement. If you don’t power flush your central heating system when you need to, its efficiency would be affected and this will cost you more when it comes to repair bills and fuel. Your failure to flush will also trigger the mechanical failure of the motorised valves, pumps, heat exchangers & hydraulic systems in your boiler.

The pin holes would also form in the radiators and in the heat exchangers, which will result in either repair or replacement of these essential parts. Oxide sludge looks like a black muddy fluid so it can truly damage anything that will be in contact with it. This substance can damage even your carpet, flooring and worktop when it spills or leaks.

When to Power Flush Your Heating System?

Start power flushing your system now to avoid further problems and more expensive issues. The following are problems that can be prevented with power flushing:

  1. Cold spots on your radiators

  2. The pump or the boiler is producing noise that may result to premature failure

  3. Problems in the circulation of the heating pump

  4. Blockages in the pipe

  5. Internal corrosion

  6. Blockages in the system

  7. Dirty, discoloured water that you can see when you bleed the radiators

  8. The water is not hot even when the heating system is already working for hours

Power flushing can easily rectify these problems but you can also fix one of them without this procedure. On the other hand, when you notice that you have two or more signs to deal with, power flush your system right away.

The Advantages of Power Flushing

When you power flush your system, it will be restored to its original condition in terms of performance. You will notice a big difference in the way it worked before and after you flush it. Power flushing your central heating system also means you’ll get a cut in the cost of your monthly bills and fuel. Other problems that may occur in the long run will be prevented.