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The advantages of a Power Flush

May 10, 2016

Power flushing is highly useful to maintain the cleanliness of your central heating system along with the radiators, pipe work etc. along the cylinder and boiler. By incorporating power flushes in the system, there are a variety of advantages. A central heating power flush works wonders. Read on to know more about the advantages of power flush:

  • Prevents boiler failure

When the heat buildup in the boiler exceeds the acceptable limits, the reason is mainly due to the presence of sludge and deposits, due to which the heat is not transferred effectively. This can be prevented as power flush takes the sludge accumulation in the boiler.

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency

When there is deposition or sludge, the water flow is restricted and heat does not effectively reach throughout the system. Due to this, the amount of fuel required to heat is more, resulting in more costs.

  • Avoid seizure of pump

The bearings and shafts might not move smoothly due to the accumulation of black oxide sludge and this would result in a total seizure or failure of the pump. When a power flush is used, this can be avoided totally.

  • A minimal cost towards maintenance

Although power flushing does not come at a low price tag, the likely costs you will incur if you do not resort to power flush is significantly higher and the risks of total boiler breakdown also increase significantly, which is not recommended.

  • Scaling and Sludge formation are prevented

Black oxide is formed all over the central heating system, due to which the walls start corroding if they are not treated properly. The efficiency decreases, while most of the head is absorbed by the sludge. Hence, the formation of scales and sludge can be avoided when power flush is incorporated and the central heating is power flushed.

  • Lower Noise levels

During the operation of boilers, the noise increases when there are scales or sludge present inside. With power flush, everything is taken care, as a result of which the operational noise of the boiler comes down!

  • Faster Heating

As the boiler and radiator will be clean, heating will be efficient and hence, you will be able to heat sooner, without wasting much time and energy.

  • Better System Circulation

The circulation in the system improves significantly when a power flush is used, due to which the overall efficiency of the system goes up and this is favourable.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are several other factors that will prove to be beneficial in the long run if you incorporate a power flush system for your boiler. Power Flush London has been in the industry a long time and has been responsible for the installation and maintenance of power flush systems in the area. We have a proven track record and our highly experienced workforce will ensure that you have an effective power flush system in place. Contact Power Flushing London now! Your central heating power flush is going to help reduce your heating bills.