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How would a Power Flush help my central heating system?

May 10, 2016

Usually, sludge and calcium start getting deposited slowly when the central heating system is being used constantly, due to which a need arises for power flush to be installed. When there is a build-up of sludge and calcium, the corrosion of heat exchangers and radiators begin, due to which there is a deposition of debris at the bottom. It then corrodes to form oxide sludge and then starts problems such as blocked radiator waterways, heat exchangers etc. Once there is a blockage, the heat transfer process slows down; resulting in the damage of heating control and eventually, you might have to replace your boiler.

You could totally avoid this, by power flushing. Ensure that you have had a power flush so that you do not have to spend in boiler replacement in the future. So power flush radiators helps so mush. A Power flush is highly required if you are experiencing any of the below mentioned symptoms:

  • Abrupt switching on and off of the boiler.

  • Constant downtime of the boiler.

  • In the case of combination boiler, you would have observed that the hot water becomes cold suddenly and there is instability in the temperature of the water.

  • Knocking and banging noises inside the boiler.

  • Cold spots on the radiator and the radiator getting extremely hot.

  • Unusual sounds in the boiler.

Advantages of having a power flush

If you didn’t have a power flush, the boilers might get irreversibly damaged and as a result, you might end up spending massive amounts on replacing the boiler. Listed below are the advantages of having a power flush:

  • The efficiency will remain increased, due to which you will save on repairs and fuel expenses.

  • The risks of mechanical failure of valves, heat exchangers and hydraulic system in boiler will be reduced.

  • In the worst case, you will only have to repair your boiler and it will never be damaged to an extent beyond repair.

  • By using power flushing, the heating up time for radiator reduces greatly.

  • More heat is produced in the radiator due to the high efficiency.

  • There will be no cold spots present on the radiator.

  • The overall heating system will operate quietly and no unpleasant noises will be present.

  • The hot water will have a uniform temperature.

  • The reliability, efficiency and dependability of the system stand increased when a power flush is used.

With so many advantages of power flushing, it is highly recommended that you have a power flush, rather than having to bear with the costs of boiler replacement later. Also the radiators will benefit, so power flush radiators really helps and cleans the sludge. Power Flush Services of London is one of the leaders in the power flush industry and we have power flushed hundreds of clients. Get in touch with us now and we will be glad to help you out with the power flush you need!

Water softening is also an advantage to clogging up radiators, so consider a water softener.