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Dramatic Before & After Examples of Powerflush Results

Powerflush Services London
June 20, 2024

From Chilly to Cheerful: Dramatic Before & After Examples of Powerflush Results

Imagine a crisp winter evening spent snuggled by the fireplace, a warm mug in hand. But instead, you’re bundled in layers, shivering because your radiators remain stubbornly cold. This is a harsh reality for many homeowners during winter.

At Powerflush-Service, we witness the transformative power of a powerflush firsthand. Here, we’ll showcase real-life examples of homes that went from frustratingly cold to wonderfully warm after a professional powerflush service.

The Jones Family: Battling an Uneven Chill

  • Before: The Jones family’s living room thermometer consistently hovered around 16°C (61°F) despite having the thermostat cranked up. Upstairs bedrooms were even colder, making bedtime a battle against the chill.

  • After: Following a powerflush by Powerflush-Service technicians, the living room temperature soared to a comfortable 21°C (70°F) with the thermostat set to a more reasonable level. Upstairs bedrooms finally reached comfortable temperatures, ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone.

Visual Proof: The Thermal Imaging Difference


Before the powerflush, a thermal imaging camera painted a bleak picture for the Jones’ home. The image displayed uneven heat distribution, with cold spots throughout the house, particularly in areas furthest from the boiler. 

Happy Family in a warm House after Power Flush London solved Central Heating System

After the powerflush, the thermal image revealed a dramatic transformation. The image displayed consistent warmth radiating from all radiators, ensuring a comfortable and evenly heated home for the Jones family.

The Millers: Savings in Warmth

  • Before: The Miller family saw their energy bills skyrocket during winter as their boiler struggled to overcome sludge buildup and circulate warm water efficiently.

  • After: A powerflush from Powerflush-Service restored warmth throughout their home and improved boiler efficiency. The Millers noticed a significant reduction in their energy bills, proving that a clean system is economical. 

Don't Let Cold Steal Your Winter Joy

The Jones and Miller families are just two examples of the many homeowners who have experienced the dramatic improvements a powerflush can bring. Don’t let another winter pass you by in discomfort.

Powerflush-Service can help you achieve:

  • Consistent warmth throughout your entire home
  • Improved boiler efficiency and potentially lower energy bills
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and a longer lifespan for your heating system
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